Engineering and R&D

Supporting gas turbine & precision welding industries

Turbine Services

Repairs for a wide range of gas turbine engines and production & service of GT components

System & Software Development

Solutions that help improve overall performance.

Smart Motors & Generators

and Electrial Motors for Special Applications

Hydro Products & Services

Supporting hydro turbines

Inpirio® is a dynamic company focused on developing new projects and visionary concepts,
giving life to old ideas and investing in genuine innovations.

Founded in 1994 by industry experts with significant experience in the targeted sector, Inpirio®’s mission is to provide high-quality solutions on short time scales and at favourable cost structures. A key factor to our success is a deep comprehension of power generation technology backed up by decades of significant experience in the targeted industry, together with strong personal commitment to provide best products & services to our customer.

Inpirio® is specialized in consulting services and production of spare parts for the power generation market. The company’s main expertise is the production of new components and reconditioning of used parts, as well as provisioning of field- and reverse-engineering services. More than 90% of our products and services are purchased directly by the end users such as power plants or factories with in-house gas turbines.

Lean operational processes, flexible production and highly skilled work-force are the corner stones of our firm, which allows us to provide high-quality products & services on very short delivery terms compared to industry standards. Our customers also recognize and appreciate our ability to provide assistance on short notice when timing is critical.

Fast production and delivery across the World. From concept to finished product, Inpirio® International Ltd. has the capacity to produce and deliver across the Globe! Please contact us for details.

Inpirio® Spares Gate is an internet-based exchange platform allowing interconnection of users and cost-efficient acquisition of quality spare parts. Worldwide provisioning of power generating equipment and component.