New Manufacturing

Our highly skilled work-force, with over 20-years track record in the production of gas turbine components, reinforced by our leading expertise in welding of Ni-based super-alloys allows us to deliver the highest quality products and services. Meeting the most stringent quality standards and certification requirements, INPIRIO provides an OEM level of quality at an after-market price.

Our flexibility and lean processes, but also excellent traffic links via international airports and land- and sea-routes from the production sites, allow us to cope with very short delivery times.

Over the years, Inpirio has produced and successfully installed new components in various GT units – GT8C, GT9D, GT11N1, GT11D5, GT13E1, GT13E2, GT13DM….

With a team of experts in their fields, Inpirio is specialized in:

Assembly and welding of structural components made of:

  • Superalloys
  • High-grade alloy steel
  • Carbon steel

The casting of components:

  • Precision casting components
  • Large heavy casting components

Coating of components:

  • CrC & WRC coating of structural components
  • CrC & WRC coating of individual assembly components


  • Structural components
  • Assembly parts