Due to reverse engineering technology of new components and components in exploatation, Inpirio experts team is capable of making analysis and repair plan of each component with certain time in operation mode.

With input from various NDT methods (PT, VT, UT, RT, material analysis and 3D scanning) our team gets all neccessary information to create report which lead us to defined scope of work on inspected component. At the end of examination, we get one of the following results for scope of refurbishment:

  • Light repair
  • Medim repair
  • Heavy repair
  • Scrap

Some of latest succesful refurbisments and re-instalation in GT units:

  • GT8C – refurbishment of hot gas casing and inner liner – sucessfully instaled at power plant Senkang (Indoensia)
  • GT13E2 – refurbishment of turbine vane carrier – sucessfully instaled at Malakoff power plant (Lumut – Malaysia)
  • GT13E2 – refurbishment and Inpirio upgrade of exhaust gas casing – 2 units – at Malakoff power plant (Lumut – Malaysia)