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Compact Generators for Small HydroPower Plants

Outputs from 0,5 MVA up to 10 MVA, speeds up to 1000 RPM

Compact Generators Advantages

  • Fully Assembled and tested
  • Transport to your request, in one piece
  • Simplified assembly at site

Main features

  • Vertical and horizontal form
  • Rated voltage from 400-13.8kW
  • Cylindrical rotor
  • Brushless Excitation System
  • Open and closed air cooling

Synchronous Marine Generators

Generators are commonly used as parts of diesel-generator sets and for shaft generator applications. Marine generators are suitable for both parallel and stand-alone operation. Excellent dynamic characteristics are achieved with modern excitation system combined with carefully tuned generator electric parameters.

Various accessories are available on request for temperature measurement, current and voltage transformers, speed sensors, water leakage detectors etc.