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Compact Generators for Small HydroPower Plants

Outputs from 0,5 MVA up to 10 MVA, speeds up to 1000 RPM

Compact Generators Advantages

  • Fully Assembled and tested
  • Transport to your request, in one piece
  • Simplified assembly at site

Main features

  • Vertical and horizontal form
  • The rated voltage from 400-13.8kW
  • Cylindrical rotor
  • Brushless Excitation System
  • Open and closed air cooling

Synchronous Marine Generators

Generators are commonly used as parts of diesel-generator sets and for shaft generator applications. Marine generators are suitable for both parallel and stand-alone operation. Excellent dynamic characteristics are achieved with a modern excitation system combined with carefully tuned generator electric parameters.

Various accessories are available on request for temperature measurement, current and voltage transformers, speed sensors, water leakage detectors, etc.