Engineering and R&D

Supporting gas turbine & precision welding industries


Supporting gas turbine & precision welding industries


Repairs for a wide range of gas turbine engines

Reverse Engineering

Solutions that help improve overall performance.

INPIRIO delivers engineering solutions for upgrades of existing designs or engineering of new parts with respect of international standards, product specification or customer specific requirements.
High precision and quality of our engineering solutions are ensured through a combination of long time experience and application of state-of-the-art 3D CAD and CFD design software. All designs are subjected to strict CFD and FEM verification process, where manufacturing and design are simulated to ensure better product performance.

Design / Engineering Capabilities and Solutions

  • Development/Engineering of 2D-3D drawings and models
  • Verification of component dimensions and positioning in GT 3D environment
  • CFD analysis of component functionality, thermal stress, pressure loads and cooling effects
  • FEM calculations of mechanical stress and elastic springback as a key element to ensure high precision manufacturing and tooling durability
  • Improvement or redesign of existing OEM design accomplished through combination of INPIRIO extensive GT expertise, customer GT operational experience and relevant measurement data.

Reverse Engineering

Our Know-How and application of most advanced 3D measurement systems allows us to reverse engineer the most complex and high precision components. Extensive destructive material tests carried out in cooperation with certified laboratories reveal exact properties of the materials and their chemical composition. An intrinsic part of the INPIRIO reverse engineering process is provisioning of complete documentation required for manufacturing of a specific product in accordance with highest quality standards.

Reverse Engineering Capabilities

Design of Components According To 3D & Manual Measurements

  • 3D optical scanning of complex shapes with 2 µm accuracy
  • High precision manual measurements (up to 10 µm accuracy)
  • Provision of extensive technical documentation as a result of reverse engineering process

Destructive Material Test Methods

  • Analysis of mechanical properties
  • Analysis of material and chemical composition
  • Analysis of material micro structure
  • Analysis of coating types

Non-Destructive Material Test Methods

  • Spectral Material Analysis
  • Replica Test
  • Thickness Of Various Coatings
  • Material / Coating Hardness