Welding Dimetrics

Welding Dimetrics manufactures an extensive range of orbital welding products and precision lathes, seamers and positioners using advanced technologies acquired from Dimetrics, Hobart, Merrick Engineering, Weldline and Applied Cybernetics, enhanced by Inpirio. These specialized GTAW, PAW and GMAW systems and controllers are used extensively for precision welding of tube and pipe, medical devices, industrial, nuclear power generation and automotive components.

Our range of precision orbital welding products include:

  • portable tube welders
  • closed tube heads
  • Goldtrack welding systems
  • open heads for pipe and boiler use
  • hot wire, narrow groove and variable polarity processes
  • process development and training


Support: Electrical and Welding Field Technical
We provide on-call welding services, technical supervision and support to help maintain project schedules and keep equipment operating even in the harshest environments.

Technical Training
We offer formal training in orbital welding and in electrical technician maintenance. LDS™ training programs have evolved over the years, from our “UA adopted” 40 hour intensive beginner welding course to customized client specific programs.

Weld Engineering
Our experienced team of mechanical, electrical, welding and metallurgical engineers is recognized as the industry leader in providing successful, fully automated welding solutions for critical applications in Turbine, Aerospace and Nuclear industries.

Equipment Rental
When additional equipment is required or to facilitate project financing, LDS™ offers a full rental fleet. LDS™ rental fleet spans Welding Dimetrics’ product line including; power supplies, weld heads (Closed