Inpirio® Bolt Lifting Tool & Platform for GT13E2

Good news for 13E2 users:

The trials for our new bolt lifting tool with lifting platform (multipurpose beams) for safe access/egress to the combustion chamber for internal works have been very successful. The total estimated time saved for the bolting and access is appr. 40 hours.

Further benefits of using this unique device:

  • Bolt assembly and removal of bolts is completed efficiently and safely
  • All manual handling risks of large heavy split line bolting are eliminated
  • The crane is released to carry out other lifting operations
  • The scaffold requirements are reduced

The Bolt Lifting Tool and Bolt Lifting platform haves been PATENTED at International Patent Bureau by INPIRIO Ltd. under International Registration Certificate Number DM/131 382 and DM/101 808.

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