iMS™ Intelligent Monitoring System

Modular and upgradeable system for new, as well for existing rotationary equipment and their accessories.

  • Expert on-line monitoring system for low voltage induction motors of all powers and sizes
  • Applicable for motors with cast cage rotors and squirrel cages
  • Applicable and upgradeable to any kind of induction motors

Measure the risk exposure of your systems

  • Longer life expectancy
  • Reduction of costs due the unplanned stops caused by machine faults
  • Detection of problems related with your equipment and accessories
  • Preventive maintenance of key equipment

Features of Intelligent Monitoring System

  • Local and remote system access
  • Reporting based on real trending
  • Unique approach for all integrated equipment
  • Restrictive class based data archiving (smart/real trending)
  • Participation of users in creation of unique based on custom requests

Intelligent Monitoring System – Sensor types

Level sensors – Sensors are used for measurmentd of liquid and bulk solids.
Load cell sensor – Sensor is used for measurment of electrical signals.
Optical sensor – Sensor is used for measurement laser triangulation sensors for measuring distance and position with high speed, accuracy and precision.
Pressure sensor – Sensor is used for measurement for high and low pressure applications, and can measure absolute gauge, or differential pressure.
Temperature sensors – Sensors are used for measurement of bearing, winding temperature, etc.
Relative displacement sensor – Sensor is used for measurement of shaft relative displacement (orbit).
Strain senor – Sensor is used for measurements of strain in structural parts of machine or its parts.
Vibration sensor – Sensors are used for measurement of vibrations displacment, acceleration and speed. Absolute bearing and housing vibrations.